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The Robert E. Lee Monument in New Orleans being lowered, May 19, 2017. Photo by Infrogmation Of New Orleans, via Wikipedia.

Today may well be Donald Trump’s last Fourth of July as president of the United States. I’m more optimistic than in some time that he will lose November’s election decisively and go down in history as a failed leader — a larcenous petty fascist who showed us everything America might be by presiding over a four-year bacchanal of everything she should be standing against. Besides his epic malpractice in the Covid crisis, with the thousands of wrongful deaths and economic catastrophe that are resulting, the reason I’m most encouraged about his impending defeat is that with his back against the wall, he’s gone all in on racializing the campaign, and for the most part, my country is not having it. In a recent New York Times Siena College poll, 59% of voters, including 52 percent of white voters, agree that the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police in Minneapolis was “part of a broader pattern of excessive police violence toward African Americans.” Black Lives Matter is viewed favorably nationally and in the battleground states, indeed more favorably by large margins than it was just four years ago. The harder Trump tries to divide the nation, he and his allies are discovering that the pluralistic American majority coalition they’ve seen forming in the demographic tea leaves for years is finally here and about to overwhelm them. …


Craig Havighurst

Journalist, radio host and speaker in Nashville. Music news producer for WMOT/Roots Radio. Host of The String. Co-host of Music City Roots.

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