Thank you. I dispute your characterization. For one thing, BLM is not a monolithic or specific organization like the SPLC and it does not have a singular, let alone a violent agenda. Though certain news outlets have made a cause of this characterization. I heard several of the original women who conceived BLM on TV the other day and they asked for nothing but respect and access to the same tiers of power sought democratically by any of us. If you really can’t abide my construct, then let it be: Black Lives Matter asks that we listen to the testimony of black Americans in ways we’ve never listened before, unguardedly, with trust and good faith in their experience. (I.E. Sen. Tim Scott R-SC who said he’d been pulled over 7 times in a year.) As for the SPLC, I’ve watched it from a distance my whole life having grown up in NC and it has done difficult work exposing rank neo-Nazism and making life difficult for white supremacists. That’s fine with me. Tarring them with violence is slander. Finally, you really need a LIST (besides the birtherism) of Trump’s bad faith testimony? That’s rich. I’m too busy. Let the crooked lamestream media take it from here, transcribing the president’s words verbatim.

Journalist, radio host and speaker in Nashville. Music news producer for WMOT/Roots Radio. Host of The String. Co-host of Music City Roots.

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